A company with gratitude and
inspiration for the customers

In 1950, the founder of the company, Tadaichi Matsushita, started casting manufacture, and around 1965, the company became a shell core specialized manufacture, which was rare at that time. Since then, we have manufactured casting shell cores for a mass production of motor cycle and automobile parts. In addition, we started production of expendable products such as files and cotton work gloves about 20 years ago and these products have been longtime sellers thanks to our fellow manufactures. We bring our in-house “Automatic Burring Machine” to exhibitions to introduce them to our peer manufactures. Aside from these business, we recently started production of local mascot merchandise including stuffed animals and polo shirts that are sold at events and used by the locals. We would like to continue producing a variety of products that are useful to our colleagues. As a specialized shell core mass-production manufacture, we have obtained ISO9000 for quality management. With gratitude, we keep on making efforts to bring inspirations to our customers.

Takahiko MATSUSHITA, President and Representative Director


Pursuing the physical and mental health of employees and their families,
Impress customers,
We aim to be a company that contributes to the development of society.


    We will continue to be an organization that bravely confronts any difficulties and never gives up!
    With gratitude, be kind to people, be kind to nature, and always live with gratitude.


    We will comply with laws and regulations for manufacturing that is pleased and trusted by our customers, and we will continue to improve quality and technology and quality management system (QMS).

    Quality priority measures

    Improving manufacturing that pleases our customers


    We set self-management goals in our corporate activities to be in harmony with the environment, and strive for continuous improvement, pollution prevention and environmental protection. We also comply with environmental laws and regulations and other agreed requirements.

    Quality priority measures

    • Proper disposal of manufacturing by-products
    • Energy saving and Resource saving



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